These videos do not showcase all types of treatments provided by Relife Acupuncture. These videos are only uploaded with the patients' consent.

Some videos have Chinese audio with English subtitles.  

Obscure    Diseases

Eczema-reddish and itchy

ReLife Acupuncture- Eczema-reddish and itchy

ReLife Acupuncture- Eczema-reddish and itchy

The patient has had eczema for 3 weeks. The prescription cream, Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP, 1%/0.05% (base) did not help. She felt itchy, and the rash spread rapidly on her limbs and face. She could not sleep well and was in a generally bad mood. After three sessions with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the red marks and swelling was gone. Her skin became smooth, her rash was controlled, and felt less itchy overall. She is continuing the treatment to improve her skin color.

Rib Cage Pain:

The patient has pain in her right rib cage. After two sessions with acupuncture and exercises at Relife Acupuncture, her pain reduced a lot, and she can move around much easily.

Tourette Syndrome (Vocal Tics):

The patient has had vocal tics for several years, the western doctor diagnosed as Acid Reflux and did many exams, such as ultrasound, MRI, blood tests. Last year his syndrome got worse and his western doctor suggested him to have a surgery. The patient has not had a surgery yet. Three days ago, he had his first acupuncture session with Connie. On his second appointment, he reported that it's 75% less vocal tics occurring. 


The patient has been diagnosed with autism and was at 2 years and 10 months of age during the first treatment. His mother is certain that acupuncture can improve his gastrointestinal condition, eye contact, learning abilities, and esotropia. After several sessions, the patient has shown visible improvements both physically and mentally.

Urticaria/ Hives: 6 months, 3-treatment-long recovery

High cholesterol: 


Treatment: Acupuncture + Chinese herbs (7 sessions)

6/23/2017     LDL-C 228 mg/dL  
8/15/2017     LDL-C 164 mg/dL                                                                  (Net change: -64mg/dL)

6/23/2017     Non HDL-C 248 mg/dL  
8/15/2017     Non HDL-C 186 mg/dL                                                      (Net change: -62mg/dL)

**HDL-C levels were maintained at 55mg/dL on both dates** 

6/23/2017     Total cholesterol 303 mg/dL  
8/15/2017     Total cholesterol 241 mg/dL                                                (Net change: -62mg/dL)

**Normal total cholesterol levels: 125-200 mg/dL**

Severe fatigue, vomiting, nausea, stiffness in fingers: 

After three acupuncture sessions, the patient's symptoms vanished, and she regained her strength and vitality. Even hosting a 18-guest Christmas party was no problem for her!


Speak: Mandarin 華語 / Subtitle: English


Chronic Cheilitis:

From September 2017, my lips were swollen red, with an infection, and when it was severe, it would bleed. The hospital could not give an actual diagnosis. Over the span of a year, I took a lot of steroid drugs, immunosuppressive drugs, but the symptoms kept returning. In December of 2018, I started my acupuncture treatment with Connie. I had five sessions with her, and my symptoms had completely gone.

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Chest Congestion: recovered in 2 sessions

The patient states that she has chest congestion, which causes breathing difficulties. After two sessions with acupuncture, her chest congestion was alleviated.

Bone burning sensation, formication:

Itching has persisted for over a year, 24/7. Although the patient has no rashes, she has stated that her bones have felt like a steamer, and that it feels like there are millions of bugs crawling over her entire body, causing her to wake up multiple times at night. Patient has noticeable scabs from scratch wounds. After one session of acupuncture, her itching disappeared, but occasionally returned with about 50% intensity after leaving the clinic. After her third session, she only woke up once from the itching while sleeping. After her fourth session, her itching seems to have disappeared. However, the patient returned for a fifth session after waking up from an itching sensation in her left lower back at about 4-5 a.m.


The patient was diagnosed with alopecia about fourteen years prior to meeting Dr. Tsai. After treating the patient's lungs, spleen, and kidneys, Dr. Tsai administered acupuncture every other day. One month later, the patient grew 2-3 cm of hair on his previously bald head.

ADHD (improved appetite):

The patient was diagnosed with ADHD, and was prescribed medication by physicians. However after medication, the patient seemed to have a reduced appetite, and had lost a lot of  weight. Thankfully, after two sessions of acupuncture, the patient's appetite greatly improved; he often asks for seconds and can even fit in dessert now!

The Whole Body Aches:

This patient had pain in her whole body for over ten years. She experienced great discomfort even while doing simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up. However, after a session of acupuncture, she essentially felt no pain in her body.


Slight inflammation, itching, flaking. Although the patient had already applied topical steroids prior to meeting Dr. Tsai, the medicine did not seem to have a noticeable affect on the affected region. However, after six treatments, the patient has noted that the inflamed region has shrunken, stopped flaking as much, and has begun to dry up.

Stroke aftermath (nausea, vomiting, shaking legs): 

Eight months prior to meeting Dr. Tsai, the patient had a stroke, and has had two brain surgeries. After surgery, the patient experienced nausea and vomiting 24/7 and could not stand up without a walker. After one session of acupuncture, his nausea greatly decreased, and was able to stand upright with no problems. He was even able to lift the walker and walk three to four steps with ease.

Liver fibrosis: 

Diagnosed with liver fibrosis fifteen years prior to meeting Dr. Tsai, and has received conventional treatments. Although his liver blood test results had been normal for the past fifteen years, ever since eleven to twelve years ago, the patient has felt severe pain under his armpits and in his lower back. After three acupuncture sessions, his  pain has vanished.


The patient has had heartburn for about twenty years. After eating, the patient experiences excruciating pain in her stomach until the contents of her stomach have been digested. After one acupuncture session, her symptoms have been remedied and the patient is able to eat more.