Gynecological    Diseases

These videos do not showcase all types of treatments provided by Relife Acupuncture. These videos are only uploaded with the patients' consent.

Some videos have Chinese audio with English subtitles.  

Gynecological    Diseases

Irregular menstruation:

Due to academic stress, the patient has not menstruated for 11 months. After the third session of kidney/liver adjustments via acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the patient noted slight pain in her abdominal region. A week later, after acupuncture, the patient began menstruating once more.

Dysmenorrhea and Amenorrhea

The patient stated that she felt her lower belly was weak and empty after her period for several times, but she did not go to see a doctor. She came to visit Connie because that her period had very little bleeding on the first and second day, and the bleeding stopped on the third day. She felt dull and annoying pain in her lower belly. After a session on the third day of her period, the bleeding came back and blood amount was as before in that night. She continued acupuncture sessions with Connie. The patient mentioned that her next period came on time and smoothly, the blood amount was normal ,and the empty and weak feeling of her lower belly turned to much better.