Ophthalmic    Diseases

These videos do not showcase all types of treatments provided by Relife Acupuncture. These videos are only uploaded with the patients' consent.

Some videos have Chinese audio with English subtitles.  

Ophthalmic    Diseases


The patient had dry eyes and could not see clearly; the patient also noted a sticky, high-pressure sensation in his left eye. After acupuncture, his eyes instantly became moisturized and was able to see clearly. His floaters also decreased in clarity and intensity. Four days after his second treatment, his left eye pressure decreased slightly and vision became clearer.

Heavy eyes, blurry vision:

Physicians have diagnosed the patient's deteriorated vision as a natural consequence of aging, and were unable to help her. However, after two acupuncture sessions with Dr. Tsai, the patient was able to see more clearly without her glasses, and her eyes did not feel heavy anymore.

High eye Pressure and dry eyes: 

Before acupuncture, the patient's eye discomfort was stated to be a 7/10. After acupuncture, her high eye pressure vanished.

Speak: Mandarin 華語 / Subtitle: English


Her floaters has been affecting her for a half year. And immediately after the acupuncture treatment, she could feel her floaters’ color getting lighter and moving at a slower pace.


Dry eyes 2 years, eyedrops can not help

According to the patient, his eyes had been constantly dry for two years. Though he had been using eyedrops, they only alleviate the dryness for only 1-2 hours. After the first acupuncture session, his eyes immediately began secreting fluids properly. During his second visit with Ms. Tsai, he stated that he did not need eyedrops anymore, and that his eyes were moist and “teary”.