These videos do not showcase all types of treatments provided by Relife Acupuncture. These videos are only uploaded with the patients' consent.

Some videos have Chinese audio with English subtitles.  

Limb    Pain

Unable to fully raise arm, foot pain (fasciitis): 

Before treatment, the patient could only raise his arm thirty degrees or so. The patient also noted that it felt as if he was walking on shards of glass when there was contact with the bottom of his foot. However, after acupuncture, his shoulder pain greatly reduced and his foot pain was completely eliminated. 

Shoulder, waist, and heel pain: 

Upper back pain, 6/10. Pain in back and waist when raising arms. Heel pain 4/10. After the patient's first acupuncture session, the patient was able to raise his arms, move his back, and stomp his feet without pain.

Neck/knee pain、arthritic finger: 

Patient noted a 4-6/10 pain level in her neck, knee, and fingers before acupuncture. After her first session of acupuncture, her pain was reduced to below a 1/10 for all regions. Although the patient continued working immediately after the session, after three sessions, her pain was completely eliminated.

Lower back: 

Patient had trouble sitting in chairs for prolonged periods of time, and had trouble standing up from a seated position. After one session of acupuncture, the patient was able to sit and stand quickly with ease.

Severe knee pain, sciatica, sleeplessness: 

When walking on loose gravel paths, the patient experiences a sharp, pulling pain. The patient also continually wakes up in the middle of the night, trying to find a comfortable position that will somewhat relieve her pain. After two acupuncture sessions, the patient has noted that her knee pain had greatly reduced and that she woke up less frequently during the night. After seven sessions, the patient was able to stay asleep for the entire night.

Entire body:

Dry eyes, unclear vision even with glasses, right forearm pain, sciatic nerve pain (knees to heels). After just one session of acupuncture, all symptoms were slightly alleviated - her mouth and eyes became more moisturized and her vision became clearer. Her pain was almost completely eliminated, too.

Knee pain: 

The patient had knee pain for a month prior to meeting Dr. Tsai. The patient had difficulty walking down the stairs and walking normally. After acupuncture, her pain has completely disappeared.

Wrist and thumb pain- can’t sleep, unable to write, tie her hair or pull her seat belt

The patient came for wrist and thumb pain, and rated an 8/10 on the pain scale. Before accupuncture, she could not write, tie her hair, or pull her seat belt. But after a session, the pain was reduced and she could write!

Feet and Toes - cold, tingling and pain 8/10, 24 hours and 7 days

(Video: speak: Mandarin/ subtitle: English)

The patient has had these symptoms on his feet along the legs around his genital area for about 10 months. The sensitive tingling and pain made him unable to sleep and unable to walk well. He also needed to be careful while taking off and putting on his pant. After the first session, his previously cold feeling had been resolved and the middle of his feet felt much better.

2th session- The pain and tingling on feet was 100% gone and the pain around his legs and genital area was reduced to 70-80%.

(Video: speak: English/ subtitle: Mandarin)

5th session ( before)- The patient had no cold feeling and no pain. Only some sensitive tingling was on his feet.

5th session (after)- The sensitive tingling has gone. When he walked, he felt nothing. He said that maybe 5% remaining on his tiptoes of the uncomfortable feeling compared to the sensitivity he had just come in. He felt much better.

Crunching shoulder: 

Patient noted a crunching sensation and noise in his right shoulder. Although the patient felt no pain, the crunches were becoming more and more audible, and created a tight sensation in the affected area. After his first acupuncture session, the crunching and tightness was "reduced by 75%".

Shoulder pain: 

Upper back/shoulder pain, 10/10. Although the patient has tried to relieve her pain via massage therapy two days prior to meeting Connie, the pain still persisted. She was only able to sleep with the aid of sleeping pills. However, after one acupuncture session, all of her pain suddenly disappeared.

Shoulder pain: 

The patient noted a painful sensation in her left shoulder and arm due to her propping a camera on her left shoulder. She was unable to lift her left arm vertically - but was able to move her arm horizontally. After acupuncture, her pain completely vanished and she was able to move her arm freely.

Severe Pain on right foot

The front of patient’s right foot felt severe pain. Before acupuncture, the patient’s pain scale was over 8 (1 to 10), and he said that he could not walk and walked like "a little robot". After acupuncture, the patient stated that his pain was reduced to 4, or even less. He gave a thumbs-up and said thank you! 

Sprained ankle: 

Two days prior to meeting Dr. Tsai, the patient sprained his left ankle while playing basketball, and had to limp while walking. However, after acupuncture, the pain had virtually disappeared - the patient's sprained ankle was painful only when he pressed hard on his left ankle.


Speak: Mandarin 華語 / Subtitle: English

Hip Pain (near sacrum),cannot roll over

The patient stated that she needs to apply pressure near her lower belly to roll over. After one session, they were able to move around normally.

Plantar Fascitis

The Patient mentioned that the bottom of her left foot hurts very much when she walks. During her first acupuncture session, her plantar fascitis was totally gone.

Lower Back Pain

The patient states that her lower back pain was reduced by 50-60% in a single session

Shoulder Pain

The patient said that she only can lift up her right arm to 40 degrees because of her shoulder pain. After an acupuncture session with Connie, she is suprised that she can lift her arm up to about 80 degrees.

Calcification of the cervical vertebrae: 

Diagnosed with cervical vertebrae calcification three years prior to meeting Dr. Tsai. Tightness in the neck and back. The patient also experienced numbness and swelling in her appendages as well. However, after six acupuncture sessions, the tightness has subsided - the patient sometimes doesn't even notice it! After twelve sessions, she is essentially completely treated.


The patient injured her tailbone four to five years ago due to an accident. After the accident, there had always been a tight and sore sensation from her lower hip to her tailbone. After three acupuncture sessions, she was able to lean forwards by 90 degrees, and backwards by 45 degrees. Her pain had been reduced to a 1-2 out of 10.


Thirteen years prior to meeting Dr. Tsai, due to an accidental fall, the patient experienced pain in her right hip joint. Whenever the patient walks or stands up, the patient requires the assistance of another person. Though her pain was at a 6/10 before acupuncture, her pain completely vanished after one session. 

Right Keen Pain: a year, “ I walk like a zombie ”

The patient mentioned that her knee pain has lasted a year, and she walks like a zombie. Just right after her first session with Connie Tsai, she walked very well and had no any pain.

Right Wrist Pain

The patient said that his right wrist pain has persisted for about a month. After an acupuncture session with Connie Tsai, he felt a 70% improvement right away with only a very light pain remaining.

Frozen Shoulder (2-3 months)

The patient states that her frozen left shoulder has persisted for about 2-3 months. After a free session with Connie, she is able to lift her left arm about 20-30 degrees more from the front and from the side.

Frozen shoulder: 

Frozen left shoulder. Patient was unable to lift her left arm past 45 degrees and could only touch her lower back with her left arm before experiencing an excruciating tearing sensation. After one session of acupuncture, her pain dropped from a 12/10 to a 1-2/10. After four sessions, she was completely treated.

Inner knee: 

Excruciating pain of inner knees. After acupuncture, all pain had disappeared -  no matter the movement of the patient.

Plantar fasciitis: 

Patient has trouble walking normally, and must limp his left leg in order to walk. Due to his pain, he usually wakes up at least four times at night. After his first acupuncture session, he was able to walk, although his feet still hurt slightly. After his fourth session, his condition "improved by 60%"  and he only woke up about once or twice per night. After fifteen sessions, his condition was completely treated.

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